Champissage also modernly known as Indian head masssage has been adapted over time since its introduction in the UK around the 1900’s. The ancient art deeply rooted in Indian tradition derived its name from the Hindi word ‘ Champi’ meaning massage. Through out the head massage, oil blends are massaged into the scalp and hair to moisturize as well as maintain the hairs’ strength. Light to moderate manipulations are applied to the back, shoulders, neck and face to promote further relaxation.

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Today the art of Champissage is very adaptive and can be seen in many styles of integrative massages, however the traditional practices’ focus is to relax the muscles of the scalp and nourish the hair with oils similar to a warm hair oil mask.

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Benefits are:

-Increases blood flow and circulation to the scalp; improving hair condition

-Relieves headaches, eyestrain, and jaw / face tension

-Increases lymphatic drainage of toxins and supports the immune function

-Aids with sinus problems and some allergies

-Benefits of calming emotions and relieving stress

- Sensation of tranquility and deep relaxation

-Aids insomnia and improves concentration


75 min    $80

90 min $95