Usui Reiki comes from the ancient ‘ laying on of hands’ found in 1900’s by Dr. Mikao Usui. It is the belief that we as humans pull from a universal life force energy to heal oneself and others. The reiki energy is guided through the healer like a conduit when they are attuned to receive it.

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The body is a complex organism built up of networking systems that hold and share energy through out its chakras. The word chakra; derivative of the Indian Hindi language describes the energy wheels that spin and pull energy through and around our bodies. We have 7 main chakras that are commonly known to most people however our body and its subtle energy bodies contain millions more than run through energy pathways. The subtle bodies are held within our auric fields surrounding our bodies that can store energy information and data from this life and our past lives.

A reiki practitioner will use various hands on positions over and around the recipient from ‘head to toe’ on the front and back plane of the body allowing the energy to flow through them to the recipient, helping create harmony, balance and healing. Usui reiki energy guides itself with its own wisdom for the highest good rather than requiring the direction of the practitioner. Just as powerful in healing as other physical modalities of treatments in our Western world of medicine, it can be known to relax tense muscles, resolve blockages, increase creativity and release toxins and stress.

Reiki will harmonize the mind , body and spirit facilitating a healing process to strengthen the physical and spiritual bodies. It can be accompanied by crystals and crystal grids to assist with opening and balancing of primary and secondary chakras.


60 min    $80