Olivia found yoga after a long time of seeking relief from sports related injuries back in 2007. An athlete with a background in triathlon training, her focus is to educate students on not only the anatomy of yoga but also the union between the body and the mind. She believes when one can consciously quiet the mind, by dedicating oneself to personal practice, transcendance is possible.

Her classes aim to strengthen while still offering a sweet release by surrendering to the breath and honoring our bodies' need for activity (yang) and rest (yin). Having taken a Hatha yoga teacher training with Anjeli Yoga, she incorporates theming and teach alignment principles from the Anusara style of yoga. She is truly passionate about healing energy and one of her favourite things is seeing the bliss students receive from yoga and Thai massage. The essence of yoga to her is finding the inner silence that helps us realize all aspects of ourselves on and off the mat, letting it transform our lives.

Olivia is a Licensed Holistic Practitioner of Thai Massage. She studied Thai Massage under Master Deanna Villa at Thai Massage Toronto in 2016. Olivia believes in working through the energy our nervous system cannot handle and which is absorbed into the body over time. Massaging along the “Sen” lines (energy pathways) in Thai Massage she aids the body in its natural healing process by applying acupressure and yoga like movement to improve the lymphatic system - boosting immunity and circulation.

Her calling is to help others through energy therapy. She found Thai massage after finishing her 200hr Yoga Certification in 2015. After experiencing a traditional Thai massage in Thailand, she knew it was a life long passion of hers! She incorporates modalities of Northern and Southern Thai massage learned over time into her practice.

Olivia also heals with Reiki energy, crystals and sound vibrations. She is attuned to a level II Reiki energy by Master Carol Righton.

She is continually furthering her education and currently can be found studying Travell and Simons' Myofascial Trigger point therapy and Champissage (Indian head massage therapy).


Olivia is light-hearted, amiable and loves to meet new people. In her free time, she can be found hiking in nature, reading, dancing, doing Yoga, planting, travelling and enjoying time with family and friends.