An ancient Thai practice where the practitioner manipulates and assists your body into yoga postures and stretching.

Thai Massage, also known as “ Nuad Bo'Rarn” can be translated to “ancient massage” which is a fully clothed muscle stretching massage on a mat. The flowing techniques in this eastern therapy combine acupressure and reflexology application along energy pathways (“sen sip”) aiming to energize and harmonize the systems of the body. Overtime benefits from this style of massage can be experienced not only physically, but mentally and emotionally.

Physical Benefits

  • detoxes body and boost immunity * helps arthritis and back pain
  • increases blood circulation and metabolism level
  • increases flexibility
  • strengthens joints and slows aging process
  • dissolves energy blockages
  • lowers blood pressure and cholesterol
  • prevents illnesses by maintaining immune system
  • improves breathing, posture and balance

Mental Benefits

  • improves concentration
  • clears and calms the mind
  • balances emotions
  • creates a sense of mindfulness


  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • builds internal power
  • raises energy level and stamina
  • increases creativity
  • promotes self-awareness


60 min    $85

90 min $125

120 min $165


Herbal Compress massage

In the practice of Thai medicine, herbal compress massage (“Luk Pra Kob”) is a method of treatment commonly used to reduce muscle stress, prevent bruising, and cure skin conditions. The hot herbal compresses are tightly bound and most often contain these basic Thai herbs; lemongrass, kaffir lime, camphor tree, tamarind, turmeric, and “plai”, but can vary according to condition and therapy. The bundles are steamed and applied over the body to soothe and stimulate vital internal organs.

Benefits are:

-increased blood flow and circulation invigorating the body’s energy

-helps improve the lymphatic system

-relief from muscular aches, pains, tension and inflammation

-induces deep relaxation and relieves fatigue

-boosts both emotional and physical wellbeing

-unburdens the body of chronic stress and anxiety


60 min    $95

90 min $135

120 min $175

Pricing includes hand made herbal steam compress bundles


How to receive a Thai Massage

 Your First Massage

On the day of your appointment please give yourself ample time to settle into your mind and body. I kindly ask that you arrive 15-20minutes before your booking time to allow for follow up and any questions. It is best to wear comfortable clothing like loose active wear that allows your body to freely move and stretch. If you prefer not to have skin to skin contact at all on arms and legs than long sleeves and loose stretch pants is a great idea. Keep in mind that Thai massage is a pressure and movement massage and soft fabrics are best as they do not cause irritation against the skin.


During your massage

Throughout your treatment it is common to hear your digestion, as it is a process the body takes on during relaxation and movement. Do not feel embarassed as this is highly encouraged and a great sign! You will be asked initially if the pressure is to your liking, however if at anytime you would like more or less in certain areas, please advise the therapist.


After care

Similar to yoga or sports movement, massage is a great way to cleanse our bodies of toxins and release muscle tension from emotional, mental and physical stress. After your massage it is in your benefit to introduce the muscles back to slow healing with an epsom/mineral salt bath as well as ample hydration to continue the detoxification process. Hot tea or warm water is always calming for your digestive system and mood. The following day after the massage be mindful that you may feel sore and if you choose to part take in any physical exercise or stretching to be kind to your body.